iMinds (IBBT)

iMinds (formerly known as IBBT) is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary research centre (looking at technological, legal, business and sociological aspects) and enables accelerated development and exploitation of new ICT products and services in strategic sectors in Flanders (Belgium). The INTEC Broadband Communication Networks (IBCN) research group is a leading telecommunications and software research group based in Ghent, Belgium, belonging to the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) of the Ghent University (UGent) and to iMinds.

Tasks in this project

iMinds will provide the w-iLab.t testbed to the federation and will actively contribute to all workpackages. iMinds takes also the lead of the WP4 on the benchmarking of the federation. Furthermore iMinds does the overall project coordination, and will overlook the quality performance of the project in view of the EU FIRE initiatives. iMinds has established links to the FIRE community already, and will also interact directly with the EC project officer as a spokesperson for the CREW consortium.


IBCN’s research scope can be categorized in following domains: The group has participated in numerous EU projects, is frequently partnering with local ICT industry and takes part in national and Flemish research programs. For this IP project, iMinds provides its expertise regarding the implementation of cognitive networking solution in co-located heterogeneous wireless environment. Further, iMinds will make its test facilities available to the federation. These facilities include the iMinds iLab.t Wireless Lab (200 nodes with IEEE 802.11a/b/g and sensor interfaces) and a wide range of wireless measuring equipment. iMinds has recently developed a benchmarking framework for the wireless sensor network research, which will be extended in this project for heterogeneous wireless environments.