Thales is a world-wide leader in electronics and systems, leveraging dual use technology to serve three correlated fields: defense, aerospace and security. The group employs 68,000 people in 50 countries worldwide. Thales Communications and Security SAS is a key player of SDR technology development, being involved in development of demonstrators, advanced research programs and standardization activities since near a decade. Recent noticeable involvement comprises IST E2R II, E3, PASR WINTSEC, SDR Forum and OMG activities. Thales is involved in several collaborative research projects on Software Defined Radio, and has already manufactured a full range of radio-communications equipments now appearing as early enablers of Cognitive Radio (e.g. Automatic Link Establishment Free Channel Discovery for radios, sensing techniques for spectrum control).

Tasks in this project

TCS will take on the role of technical coordinator of the project, and will also lead WP8 on the promotion and sustainability of the federated platform. TCS will also lead the standardization activities related to the XCVR Facility API. And effort is allocated to the sensing algorithms development and integration in the federation testbeds.


CREW will strongly benefit from the previous European funded project experience in which TCS has participated and from the long-date experience in the area of sensing and radio spectrum metrology