Cognitive Radio Experimentation World


September 2011

Dear subscriber,

CREW is happy to announce that our website now contains the final, official details for the first CREW open call. Take your chance to get involved in the CREW project, and receive up to 200 000 EUR of funding for executing your experiment! Full details on the call are available via this link. The submission deadline for proposals is October 19, at 17:00 CET. While the deadline may seem close, keep in mind that we do not expect large consortiums (only 1 or 2 partners per experiment) nor lengthy proposals. A comprehensive guide for applicants is available at the open call section of our website. This page also contains links to the CREW open call presentations that were presented last week at the second FIRE Open Calls information day.

CREW portal available online

If you ever wondered what is really available in the CREW consortium, and how it can be used by experimenters, the CREW portal is your one-stop shop for answers. The CREW portal, which was made public last week, is the primary resource for information on the CREW testbeds and cognitive components. The website is meant to serve both users looking for high-level descriptions of the testbeds and components of the CREW platform, as well as users looking for detailed information and tutorials on how to use or access a specific part of the CREW consortium.

Upcoming events

The next FIRE week is organized from 24 to 28 October in Poznan, Poland. During the joint demonstration evening on Wednesday, members of the CREW consortium will showcase part of the CREW facilities. On Thursday morning, a CREW presentation on "The Need for Benchmarking" will be presented at the FIRE workshop. We hope to meet you in Poznan or during other upcoming events.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications for the open call and hope to greet you as a project partner soon!

Best regards,
The CREW project