Presentations of the Training Days

Presentations of the Training Days (14-15 Jan. 2014) are available at the Training Days page!

Special issue in EURASIP journal

CREW organizes a special issue on 'Research methodologies for performance evaluation of wireless network solutions' in the EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking. Manuscripts due: January 31, 2014.

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Project Overview

The main target of FP7-CREW is to establish an open federated test platform, which facilitates experimentally-driven research on advanced spectrum sensing, cognitive radio and cognitive networking strategies in view of horizontal and vertical spectrum sharing in licensed and unlicensed bands.

The CREW platform incorporates 5 individual wireless testbeds incorporating diverse wireless technologies (heterogeneous ISM, heterogeneous licensed, cellular, wireless sensor, heterogeneous outdoor) augmented with State-of-the-Art cognitive sensing platforms.

The CREW project started in October 2010 with a consortium of 7 partners. In July 2011, an eighth partner joined. To extend the use of the federated testbeds to external researchers, two open calls were organized and a third call is being evaluated.