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CREW is in continuous Open Access phase to support your experiments free of charge!

Final public event & Globecom tutorial

CREW will present its final results at the Wireless Community event (Leuven, Belgium, 29 October 2015, more info) and organises a hands-on tutorial at Globecom (San Diego, USA, 10 December 2015, more info)

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CREW Public Documents


Open Access experiments

Name Download
SandS experiment with Arduino
Collaboration with Arizona State University 
Use of CREW for educational purposes
OFDM, SC-FDMA and GFDM experiment with Eurecom


Open Call 3 experiments

Name Download
GAME-COG-NET (TU Cluj-Napoca - JSI) 
MUCO (AED Engineering GmbH - TUB) 
PicoMESH (TASS - iMinds, TUB) 
SIRI (UKIM - iMinds, TCD, JSI, imec) 
FACT (KU Leuven -  iMinds, imec) 
WiHeT (Televic HC - iMinds) 



Please consult the Publications section.


Public deliverables

Date Name Download
Jan. 2011 D2.1 - Definition of Internal Usage Scenarios
Mar. 2011 D2.2 - Definition of Federation Functionality
Oct. 2011 D2.3 - Definition of use of the Federation
Dec. 2011 D2.4 - Definition of internal usage scenarios, federation functionality and the use of federation as applicable to the VESNA-based testbed
Oct. 2011 D3.1 - Basic Operational Platform
Sep. 2012 D3.2 - Optimized operational federated platform
Oct. 2011 D4.1 - Definition of Test Configurations and Benchmarks
Sep. 2012 D4.2 - Methodology for performance evaluation
Feb. 2012 D4.3 - Definition of Test Scenarios and Benchmarks for VESNA Testbed
Oct. 2011 D5.1 - Initial Report on CREW Contributions to FIRE support action
Feb. 2012 D5.2 - Initial report on demand-driven federation functionality
Sep. 2013 D5.3 - Final report on demand-driven extensions
and FIRE support actions
Oct. 2011 D8.1 - First Promotion and Dissemination Report
Sep. 2012 D8.2 - Second Promotion and Dissemination Status Report
Sep. 2012 D8.3 - Standardization and Regulation Report
Sep. 2013 D8.4 - Third promotion and dissemination status report
Sep. 2013 D8.5 - Sustainability model
Mar. 2013 D8.8.1 - Promotion and dissemination report of UDUR experiment
Mar. 2013 D8.8.2 - Promotion and dissemination report of TUIL experiment
Mar. 2013 D8.8.3 - Promotion and dissemination report of TECNALIA experiment
Sept. 2013 D5.3 - Final report on demand-driven extensions
and FIRE support actions
Sept. 2013 D8.4 - Third promotion and dissemination status report
Sept. 2013 D8.5 - Sustainability model
Apr. 2014 D7.4.4 - Showcase of experiment ready (Demonstrator - CREW-TV)
Apr. 2014 Showcase of experiment ready (Demonstrator - EVOLVE)
Apr. 2014 D7.6.4 - Showcase of CNIT experiment (Demonstrator - CABIN-CREW)
Apr. 2014 D7.7.4 - Showcase of experiment ready (Demonstrator - UTH/NICTA)
Apr. 2014 D8.8.4 - Promotion & dissemination report of IT/CMSF experiment
Apr. 2014 D8.8.5 - Promotion & dissemination report of WINGS experiment
Apr. 2014 D8.8.6 - Promotion and Dissemination Report of CABIN-CREW Experiment
Apr. 2014 D8.8.7 - Promotion & dissemination report of UTH-NICTA experiment
Sept. 2014 D5.4 - Final report on demand-driven extensions
and FIRE support actions - Update
Sept. 2014 D8.6 - Updated report on sustainability model
Sept. 2015 D5.5 - Final report on demand-driven extensions and FIRE support actions (under review)
Sept. 2015 D8.7 - Final exploitation report (under review)


Other documents

Name Download
CREW project flyer
Whitepaper on benchmarking computers and computer networks
Whitepaper on Connectivity Brokerage


Open call documents

Please visit the Open Call information section of the website.