CREW offers Open Access

CREW is in continuous Open Access phase to support your experiments free of charge!

Final public event & Globecom tutorial

CREW will present its final results at the Wireless Community event (Leuven, Belgium, 29 October 2015, more info) and organises a hands-on tutorial at Globecom (San Diego, USA, 10 December 2015, more info)

CREW PORTAL: access the CREW facilities

Interested in using the CREW facilities?
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Open Calls

The CREW project has successfully organized three open calls to extend the use of the federated testbed to external researchers or research groups. Currently a continuous open access phase is ongoing.

Open Access - 2014/2015

CREW is now in a continuous open access phase, offering 2 modes for the use of the CREW facilities:

  1. Best effort access & basic support: CREW offers best effort access to the facilities free of charge for non-commercial use, including basic support (i.e. information from portal, guidelines, tutorials, handbooks, and limted technical support). The CREW portal will guide you to find the most suitable test facility for your experiment along with further information on how to get started. 
  2. Guaranteed access & advanced support: If more guarantees are required on the availability of infrastructure and more advanced technical support is needed, it is possible to submit a proposal application for an open access experiment with guaranteed availability & support. If the request is granted. CREW commits to provide the necessary facility resources and manpower to the experimenter, free of charge. Both the template for 'request for experimentation' and announcement document are available (since June 2014). Please contact us for more information.

A possible approach is to combine the two modes: you can start using the CREW facilities in best effort access mode, and submit a proposal for guranteed access at a later stage when more advanced support or specific extensions are required. Please contact us for any question related to open access.

More information on the Open Access experiments can be found here.


Open call 3 - 2013

The third open call closed on October 2, 2013. The results of the third open call are available here; Those interested may still find the (old) information on the third open call archived here. The third open call was organized through a different, lighter mechanism. This allowed us to accept more small experiments, which are not funded but which can count on elaborated support by the CREW consortium. 


Open call 2 - 2012

The second open call closed on October 3, 2012. The results of the second open call are available here; Those interested may still find the (old) information on the second open call archived here.


Open call 1 - 2011

A first call was organized in September 2011. 20 % of the project resources (with a maximum of 200 k€ per experiment) are reserved for running experiments by external researchers or research groups to validate innovative usage scenarios for cognitive radio & cognitive networking.

External experimenters drive additional functionality of the federated testbed through feedback and recommendations on their experimental results and use of the CREW test facilities.

The first open call closed on October 19, at 17:00 Brussels time. The results of the first open call are available here; Those interested may still find the (old) information on the first open call archived here.

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