CREW offers Open Access

CREW is in continuous Open Access phase to support your experiments free of charge!

Final public event & Globecom tutorial

CREW will present its final results at the Wireless Community event (Leuven, Belgium, 29 October 2015, more info) and organises a hands-on tutorial at Globecom (San Diego, USA, 10 December 2015, more info)

CREW PORTAL: access the CREW facilities

Interested in using the CREW facilities?
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Fourth Academia-to-Business forum

Leuven, Belgium

On September 22nd, 2011 DSP Valley and imec will organize the fourth A2B-forum, a forum where research institutes, universities and university colleges will present research projects to the industry. The focus of the projects is on hardware and embedded software related topics.

CREW presence: 

The CREW project and the CREW open call will be presented to the audience. Please note that the presentations at this event will be in Dutch.