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CREW is in continuous Open Access phase to support your experiments free of charge!

Final public event & Globecom tutorial

CREW will present its final results at the Wireless Community event (Leuven, Belgium, 29 October 2015, more info) and organises a hands-on tutorial at Globecom (San Diego, USA, 10 December 2015, more info)

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Net Futures 2015


NET FUTURES wishes to maximize competitiveness of the European technology industry. The conference will gather over 700 attendees, to form an interconnected community involving companies, organizations and people in: Research & Innovation, Market Validation & Living Lab Research, Business Development, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy, Policy Making.

CREW presence: 

The joint CREW- WiSHFUL stand at Net futures Brussels 2015 explains 1) what are the challenges in developing wireless solutions, 2) what is dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio and 3) how can reconfigurability, reprogrammability and testbed portability help creating better solutions. Therefore the participation will include a poster and a demo.

The poster will explain the challenges specific to wireless networks that many developers and companies are not aware of. The challenges have been distilled based on intense contact with industrial and academic research partners in CREW and other projects. Using the challenges listed in the poster, it will be explained how reconfigurability, reprogrammability and testbed mobility help to improve the performance of wireless communication.

The Demo will be catchy and serve a double purpose: to attract visitors and to get a basic intuition of dynamic spectrum access. Entitled Spectrum Wars, it consists of an interactive game for up to 4 players. Two teams compete using software radios to transmit as much data as possible over a single wireless link using a common spectrum band. Players must contend with interference from the opposing team. This demo received the best demo award at DySpan 2014 and competed in the US DARPA challenge.