Cognitive Radio Experimentation World


March 2011

Dear subscriber,

Since the start of the FP7-CREW (Cognitive Research Experimentation World) project last October, we have not been standing still. Over the past months, we had a lot of interesting discussions, participated in many events and executed a first set of experiments while working towards the first release of the CREW federation. In this first edition of our newsletter, you will find information on the recent activities and progress in the CREW project. Furthermore, we are happy to announce preliminary information about the organization of the first open call for proposals. Through these proposals, new partners will be funded to conduct experiments using the CREW federation.

Public documents

You might already have gone through the list of available testbeds in the CREW project. If you are wondering about example experiments that can be run on our facility, our first public deliverable, “Definition of Internal Usage Scenarios” will provide the answers. The deliverable and other future documents may be downloaded via the documents section.

Also, behind the scenes, we are currently compiling the first release of the CREW portal. The CREW portal will be a special section of our project website, which will present in-depth information on the testbeds and cognitive components available in the CREW consortium. A first release is expected soon- we will keep you informed.

Open call

As you may know, the CREW project will offer European Commission funding to external experimenters that want to make use of the CREW infrastructure, through the organization of two open calls. The first open call will be launched in September 2011. As a result of this first open call, we expect to fund at least 3 experiments for an amount between EUR 100 000 and EUR 200 000. More details can be found at the open call section of our website.

Your opinion is important

In preparation of opening access to our CREW federation, we are working hard to provide the test platform that, we believe, will fit your needs. Since there is no better way to meet your expectations than to ask you about them, we invite you to share your view on the ultimate testing facility for cognitive radio and cognitive networks using the feedback box or contact form on our website. We look also forward to meeting you at an upcoming conference or event.

Best regards,
The CREW project