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Final public event & Globecom tutorial

CREW will present its final results at the Wireless Community event (Leuven, Belgium, 29 October 2015, more info) and organises a hands-on tutorial at Globecom (San Diego, USA, 10 December 2015, more info)

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TCS / WInnF Transceiver Facility (Transceiver API) - SDR applications Fast-prototyping on Ettus Research USRP platform

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The TCS Transceiver API (from the WInnF Transceiver Facility) is an interface specification [1] that provides a reference API addressing the common programming needs of radio transceivers. Thanks to the abstraction of the Transceiver implementation architecture offered by the WInnF Transceiver Facility, SDR applications (waveforms, sensing modules, …) will be ported faster into WInnF Transceiver Facility compliant radio equipments, such as the widely available and used platform as Ettus Research USRP.

For industrial standardisation requirements and to master architectures, the Transceiver API was specified in the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnF) by Thales Communications & Security (TCS). Thus, while the Transceiver API doesn't provide any additional experimental functionality, it has the key benefit to standardise the interface between the Modem (any waveform application) and the Transceiver Subsystem (any transceiver device, as was done, as part of the TECNALIA Open Call 1 experiment in CREW Task 7.3 of Work package 7 for example, with several Ettus Research USRP platforms used as sensing nodes). The Transceiver API implementation source code is provided as a common reference base for the Ettus Research USRP2 platform.

[1]        E. Nicollet, S. Pothin and A. Sanchez, Transceiver Facility Specification, Wireless Innovation Forum, 2 February 2009, "SDRF-08-S-0008-V1_0_0_Transceiver_Facility_Specification.pdf". [Online]. Available: "".

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