CREW offers Open Access

CREW is in continuous Open Access phase to support your experiments free of charge!

Final public event & Globecom tutorial

CREW will present its final results at the Wireless Community event (Leuven, Belgium, 29 October 2015, more info) and organises a hands-on tutorial at Globecom (San Diego, USA, 10 December 2015, more info)

CREW PORTAL: access the CREW facilities

Interested in using the CREW facilities?
[Start here] - [Browse by name] - [Overview images] - [Advanced info] - [WTA GitHub].

Scheduling an experiment

On receiving testbed login details, the experimenter will also be issued with access to the Google calendar used for scheduling experiments. It is essential to schedule experiments, specifying:

* Which nodes
* Number of USRPs/daughterboards
* Frequencies of operation
* If the spectrum analyser/signal generator is also needed
* Your name

prior to use of the testbed.

An example shot of the calendar is shown below.


ctvr_testbed_google_calendar.jpg101.79 KB