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IMEC sensing engine documentation

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To achieve dynamic spectrum access, sensing techniques are crucial. The IMEC Sensing Engine can add sensing capabilities to radio systems and enable the evaluation of cognitive network solutions. Both hardware and firmware are reconfigurable, allowing to support and evaluate a wide range of sensing applications. A CREW application programming interface (API) is implemented as a Linux library, to ease the writing of new applications in a standard way. Currently, eight prototypes are deployed in the CREW w-iLab.t test-bed. These are connected by means of an USB interface to their corresponding Zotac nodes. Figure 1 shows an unpackaged version of the IMEC sensing engine with scaldio frontend.

imecse in wilab2

Figure 1. Unpackaged IMEC sensing engine with a Scaldio-2B wide band front-end.

At present seven units are deployed in the w-iLab.t Zwijnaarde testbed and one is deployed in the w-iLab.t office testbed. An introduction of how to access the IMEC sensing nodes in the CREW w-iLab.t facility is available on following pages:

  • Usage of Imec sensing engine in w-iLab.t Zwijnaarde testbed. Figure 2 gives an overview of available IMEC sensing engine nodes in this testbed.
  • Usage of Imec sensing engine in w-iLab.t office testbed. One unit is available.
  • imecse in wilab2

    Figure 2. Deployment of IMEC sensing engine in the CREW Zwijnaarde w-iLab-t test-bed

    The next sections focus on developing firmware for the IMEC sensing engine. Additional information can be found in following documents:

  • An introduction of the Imec sensing engine: presented on CREW training days, January 2014.
  • The reference manual of the Imec sensing engine.
  • An overview of the Imec sensing engine hardware.
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